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American Heart Association
Class Schedule and Location

Class schedules and locations are flexible based on your needs and the availability of the instructor. Classes can take place at my classroom location in Hope Mills or at your workplace.

Please contact me via this web form, or at (910) 835-1642or for more information. Once you've paid for the class, please contact me, or I can contact you to schedule the class.

There are NO REFUNDS.

Refund Policy

This 2 hour class is for those who need a First Aid certification in a nonmedical setting. Certification is good for 2 years. Select the Buy Now button to pay for class.

This class is or people who need to be certified in First Aid for their nonmedical job requirement. It is an AHA class. The card will be good for 2 years. It covers how to recognize emergencies, and The class will cover the following topics:

Class Description

Medical Emergencies

1. Breathing problems

2. Asthma

3. Assembling and using an inhaler

4. Adult, child, and infant choking

5. Allergic reactions

6. How to use an epinephrine pen

7. How to assist someone who is having a heart attack

8. How to assist with fainting

9. How to help with someone with low blood sugar

10. How to recognize a stroke

11. How to deal with someone who is having a seizure

12. How to deal with bleeding from the mouth and nose

Injury Emergencies

1.External/internal bleeding

2. How to control bleeding

3. How to know if someone is in shock

4. How to deal with a tooth injury

5. How to deal with an eye injury

6. How to manage penetrating and puncturing injuries

7. Amputation

8. Head, neck, and spine injuries

9. How to deal with broken bones and spines

10. Splinting

11. Burns and electrical injuries

Environmental Emergencies

1. Bites and stings

2. Animal and human bites

3. Snake bites

4. Bee stings

5. Poisonous stings

6. Tick bites

7. Marine bites and stings

8. Heat-related emergencies

9. Dehydration

10. Heat cramps

11. Heat stroke

12. Frost bites

13. Low blood temperature (hypothermia)

14. Poison emergencies

 First Aid
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